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IV CosmoGrav 2020 — IV Mesoamerican Workshop on Cosmology and Gravitation
09 Nov 2020 - 10 Nov 2020 • Mexico City, Mexico
Institute of Nuclear Sciences (ICN-UNAM)
The Institute of Nuclear Sciences (ICN-UNAM) and the Mesoamerican Centre for Theoretical Physics (MCTP) are pleased to announce the IV Mesoamerican Workshop on Cosmology and Gravitation (IV CosmoGrav). Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the workshop will be online and will take place November 9-10, 2020. On this edition, the workshop will be a short two-day meeting aimed at students in their final bachelor studies, postgraduate students, and researchers already familiar with General Relativity and Cosmology. The main lectures will be complemented with plenaries and seminars. In this fourth edition the invited countries are Malta, United Kingdom and Germany. The main objective of IV-CosmoGrav is to promote discussions centering on the themes of the invited lectures and talks focused on recent developments in areas related to Gravitation and Cosmology. This year topics are: Teleparallel Cosmology, Compact Object, Modified Gravity in the Gravitational Waves Era and Cosmology with eBOSS and DESI. This fourth meeting is designed to bring together experts in different areas of Cosmology and Gravitation in order to complement the specialized education of advanced students and to promote National/Mesoamerican and International collaboration among participants.
Cosmology, Gravitation
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Detection and Analysis of Gravitational Waves in the era of Multi-Messenger Astronomy: From Mathematical Modelling to Machine Learning
14 Nov 2021 - 19 Nov 2021 • Oaxaca, Mexico
Casa Matemática Oaxaca (CMO) in Mexico, and the Banff International Research Station for Mathematical Innovation and Discovery (BIRS) in Banff, Canada
Gravitational-waves are a new way to explore the sky and uncover the Universe’s deepest mysteries. Although the first detection of these "ripples of space-time" is only a few years old, scientists can now harness the potential of gravitational waves in testing Einstein’s General Relativity theory under extreme conditions, helping to understand the origin of matter, and measuring the evolution of the Universe. Researchers from all around the world are gathering in Oaxaca to discuss recent progress in, and the future of gravitational-wave science. The workshop "Detection and analysis of gravitational waves in the era of multi-messenger astronomy: From mathematical modelling to machine learning", provides a forum, unique in its genre, for discussing new mathematical methods in modelling, detecting, and analyzing gravitational waves, as well as their integration with machine learning, or artificial intelligence.
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