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DAS — IAPR International Workshop on Document Analysis Systems
24 Apr 2018 • Vienna, Austria
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SDM — SIAM International Conference on Data Mining
03 May 2018 - 05 May 2018 • San Diego, United States
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CDO Africa — 4th edition CDO Conclave
07 May 2018 - 08 May 2018 • Dubai, UAE, United Arab Emirates
Organizations across the world are understanding the gravity and urgency of digital transformation. The focus on digital transformation innovations has never been greater. The 4th edition of CDO Conclave will be a collaboration of industry experts and tech gurus to help organisations navigate the digital journey and think like a CDO. The event will help them get an understanding on strategising their digitisation plan and aligning it with current capabilities.
Saman Fatima;     Phone: [91-7030608306];     Email:
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DMDMS 2018 — 2nd International Workshop on Data Maining for Decision Making Support
08 May 2018 - 11 May 2018 • Porto, Portugal
This workshop will provide a common platform for discussion of challenging issues and potential techniques in this emergence field of data mining for decision support. It will also serve as a critical and essential forum for integrating various research challenges in this domain and promote collaboration among researchers from academia and industry to enhance the state-of-art and help define a clear path for future research in this emerging area. The workshop invites researchers and practitioners to submit original work on methodologies, models, algorithms, systems, tools, applications and case studies of DMDMS. Most importantly, the workshop will be a forum to discuss how to utilize advances from multiple disciplines for building DMDMS that can intelligently merge human knowledge and expertise with formal models to make better decisions.
Abdelkader Adla;     Email:
Knowledge management for DMS, Ontologies for DMS, Case-based reasoning for DMS, Business intelligence for DMS, Data mining and knowledge discovery for DMS, Optimization methods for DMS, Knowledge and resource discovery for DMS, Knowledge Retrieval for DMS, Group, distributed, and collaborative DMS, Big Data Analytics and DMS, Case studies of DMDMS
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PAKDD — Pacific-Asia Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
15 May 2018 - 18 May 2018 • Melbourne, Australia
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ISMW 2018 — 22nd FRUCT Conference - Seminar on Intelligence, Social Media and Web
15 May 2018 - 18 May 2018 • Jyvaskyla , Finland
The ISMW workshop (special session of FRUCT'22 conference) aims to discuss the fundamental and applied problems in social media, artificial intelligence, natural language and multimedia processing, and crowdsourcing technologies. The main goal of this event is to unite researchers who study social interactions on the Internet, as well as researchers from the related fields without whose contribution the study of social networks would become difficult or impossible. Our task is to discuss how to analyze the digital traces left behind by a person's activities and what conclusions can be made based on this analysis.
Svetlana Popova;     Email:
• Social Mining • Deception Detection and Personality Recognition • Authorship and Profiling • Social Copying Detection • Social Media Metrics • Data Mining for Social Networks, Multimedia and Natural Language Processing • Sociology, Psychology, Marketing Studies of Social Networks and Social Media • Information Retrieval in Social Media • Crowdsourcing Technologies
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JCDL — International ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries
03 Jun 2018 - 07 Jun 2018 • Fort Worth, United States
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DSW — 2018 IEEE Data Science Workshop
04 Jun 2018 - 06 Jun 2018 • Lausanne, Switzerland
A first IEEE SPS Data Science workshop, initiated by the Big Data SIG.
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SIGMOD — ACM SIGMOD International Conference on Management of Data
10 Jun 2018 - 15 Jun 2018 • Houston, United States
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IPMU — International Conference on Information Processing and Management of Uncertainty in Knowledge-Based Systems
11 Jun 2018 - 15 Jun 2018 • Cadiz, Spain
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Big Data Summer Institute
17 Jun 2018 - 27 Jul 2018 • University of Michigan School of Public Health, An, United States
This full-time 6-week summer institute will introduce undergraduate students to emerging challenges at the intersection of Big Data, Statistics, and Human Health. Lectures will be led by a diverse group of stellar biostatistics, statistics, electrical engineering, and computer science faculty at the University of Michigan. Working in teams, students will participate in mentored big data research projects. Full and partial stipends are available for selected applicants based on merit and need.
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DataOps — Dataops Barcelona Databases + Operations Conference – Dataops Barcelona
21 Jun 2018 - 22 Jun 2018 • Barcelona, United States
We aim to build an event that makes the community and all it's participant the winners of this experience. Barcelona is a city with a great spirit and with a constant growth with tech startups. DataOps comes with a really important flavor of topics on databases and infrastructure but is open for different kind of talks that could should the attendees how did the make real things regarding scalability, mobile applications and how they manage to build robust solutions.
Santiago Lertora;     Phone: [+34610301476];     Email:
Continuous delivery & deployment, Continuous integration & testing, MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis, Data Lakes, BI, Hadoop, Spark, Redshift, Automated incident management, Cloud Solutions, AWS, Azure or Google Cloud, Open Stack, Docker, Kubernates, Mesos, Nomad, DevOps, Container-based virtualization, Ansible, Chef, OpenSVC, Docker, Puppet, Services Architecture, Configuration Management, Web & mobile performance, Application delivery & monitoring, Infrastructure as code
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ICAPS — International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling
24 Jun 2018 - 29 Jun 2018 • Delft, Netherlands
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WIMS'2018 — 8th International Conference on Web Intelligence, Mining and Semantics
25 Jun 2018 - 27 Jun 2018 • Novi Sad, Serbia
WIMS is a series of peer-reviewed International Computer Science conferences. It is a forum for researchers and practitioners to present their state-of-the-art results in building Intelligent Web, to examine performance characteristics of various approaches in Web-based intelligent information technology, and to cross-fertilize their ideas on the development of Web-based intelligent information management solutions across different domains.
Scalable Web and Data Architectures and Infrastructures, Web Intelligence (WI), Web Mining, Information and Knowledge Extraction, Web Semantics and Reasoning, WIMS Applications, Evaluation and Validation of WIMS Technologies and Applications
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SIGIR — ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and development in information retrieval
08 Jul 2018 - 12 Jul 2018 • Ann Arbor Michigan, United States
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FUSION — 2018 International Conference on Information Fusion
10 Jul 2018 - 13 Jul 2018 • Cambridge, United Kingdom
Scope of the conference is to provide medium to discuss advances and applications of fusion methodologies. Conference will include contributions in the areas of fusion methodologies, theory and representation, algorithms and modelling and simulation.
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ICDM — IEEE International Conference on Data Mining
11 Jul 2018 - 15 Jul 2018 • New York, United States
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II International Conference on Agro BigData and Decision Support Systems in Agriculture
12 Jul 2018 - 14 Jul 2018 • Lleida, Spain
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SoCS 2018 - 11th Annual Symposium on Combinatorial Search
14 Jul 2018 - 15 Jul 2018 • Stockholm, Sweden
Heuristic search and other forms of combinatorial search are active areas of research in artificial intelligence, planning, robotics, constraint programming, operations research, bioinformatics, and other areas of computer science. SoCS is meant to bring researchers from these areas together to exchange their ideas and cross-fertilize the field.
SoCS '18 will be part of the Federated AI Conference. The other conferences include: IJCAI, ECAI, AAMAS, ICML, ICCBR
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CADE — International Conference on Automated Deduction
14 Jul 2018 - 17 Jul 2018 • Oxford, United Kingdom
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Lviv DS Summer School 2018 — Lviv Data Science Summer School 2018
16 Jul 2018 - 02 Aug 2018 • Lviv, Ukraine
School curriculum consists of the introductory courses (Statistical Inference, Machine Learning, Data Visualization) and a set of the elective applied courses in the domains of Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Healthcare, Sports Analytics, Social Network Analysis, Urban Data Science, Marketing Analytics, Recommender Systems, etc. Last four dates of the school are dedicated to project work on the topics that are provided by the supervisors - school’s lecturers and partner organizations. The participants will gain solid theoretical knowledge as well as a lot of practical work.
Iryna;     Email:
Data Science, NLP, Statistical Inference, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Computer Vision, Healthcare, Sports Analytics, Social Network Analysis, Urban Data Science, Marketing Analytics, Recommender Systems
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ITAC — IT Audit & Controls Conference
24 Jul 2018 - 26 Jul 2018 • San Diego, United States
ITAC is the premier event for IT audit executives and those tasked with ensuring that businesses are governing data in a secure and responsible way, while addressing risks related to information technology.The 2018 ITAC program covered topics such as data governance, developing an effective IT security audit program, and disaster preparedness, as well as risk assurance for database, cloud, mobile and network computing. Attendees walked away with ideas, strategies and practical techniques for improving the IT audit department and addressing the IT challenges of today.
Kara Keenan;     Phone: [508-532-3607];     Email:
it audit, audit, conference, cloud, network, cybersecurity, data governance, devops, gdpr, threat intelligence, ransomware,
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TrustCom/BigDataSE — 2018 17th IEEE International Conference On Trust, Security And Privacy In Computing And Communications/ 12th IEEE International Conference On Big Data Science And Engineering
01 Aug 2018 - 03 Aug 2018 • New York, NY, United States
The conference aims at bringing together researchers and practitioners in the world working on trusted computing and communications, with regard to trust, security, privacy, reliability, dependability, survivability, availability, and fault tolerance aspects of computer systems and networks, and providing a forum to present and discuss emerging ideas and trends in this highly challenging research field
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icABCD — 2018 International Conference on Advances in Big Data, Computing and Data Communication Systems
06 Aug 2018 - 07 Aug 2018 • Durban, South Africa
International Conference on Advances in Big Data, Computing and Data Communication Systems (ICABCD 2018) is a premier conference in the soft computing and communication systems. ICABCD 2018 is to be held in Durban, South Africa, during 6-7 August 2018. The conference aims at bringing together researchers and practitioners from all over the world working on soft computing, big data technologies, data communication systems and computer security on a common platform so that they can present and discuss emerging ideas and trends in these highly challenging research fields.
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HotICN — 2018 1st IEEE International Conference on Hot Information-Centric Networking
15 Aug 2018 - 17 Aug 2018 • Shenzhen, China
The “2017 Future ICN Forum” was held in Shenzhen, China, on 26th-28th, June, 2017. The forum was divided into a main forum and five sub-forums, and invited many domestic and foreign experts and scholars of ICN, including Academician Yunjie Liu of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Lixia Zhang of UCLA Computer Science Department (The NDN Project Leader), Professor Zhili Zhang of the University of Minnesota, Professor Xiaoming Fu from the University of Göttingen, Professor GQWang of HuaWei North America, Associate Professor Beichuan Zhang of the University of Arizona, Professor Lan Wang of the University of Memphis, and Professor Liu Bin of Tsinghua University, etc. The number of participants is about 300 people, from more than 20 regions at home and abroad, more than 40 colleges and universities, government, scientific research institutions, enterprises. On this basis, in August 2018, we will be held the 1st IEEE International Conference on Hot Information-Centric Networking (IE
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SIGKDD — ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge discovery and data mining
19 Aug 2018 - 23 Aug 2018 • London, United Kingdom
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MM-HPC-BBB-2018 — Mathematical modeling and high performance computing in bioinformatics, biomedicine and biotechnology
20 Aug 2018 - 25 Aug 2018 • Novosibirsk, Russia
“Mathematical modeling and high performance computing in bioinformatics, biomedicine and biotechnology”-2018, 20-25 August 2018, Novosibirsk. Problems of mathematical modeling in biomedicine, direct and inverse problems of determining the parameters of biophysical processes with the help of computer simulations will be discussed. The second international conference MM-HPC-BBB-2018 will include the following research sections and meetings:– High-performance and distributed computing in biomedicine; – Applications of bioinformatics and systems biology; – Data mining methods in natural sciences; – Mathematical modeling of gene and metabolic networks; – Modeling of pharmacokinetic processes. Numerical methods of solving; inverse problems; – Mathematical models of immune process. Direct and inverse problems of immunology; – Mathematical aspects of epidemiology; – Identfiability analysis and experimental design for dynamical models; – Software packages application for solving the problems of bioinformatics and biomedicine; – Development of numerical algorithms for solving inverse problems in tomography.
Yuriy Orlov;     Phone: [+73833331278];     Email:
high-performance and distributed computing, bioinformatics, data mining, mathematical modeling, immunology models, algorithms
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ISCBI 2018 — 2018 6th International Symposium on Computational and Business Intelligence
27 Aug 2018 - 29 Aug 2018 • Basel, Switzerland
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CD-MAKE 2018 — Cross Domain Conference for Machine Learning and Knowledge Extraction
27 Aug 2018 - 30 Aug 2018 • Hamburg, Germany
VLDB — International Conference on Very Large Databases
27 Aug 2018 - 31 Aug 2018 • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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BDTA 2018 - 9th EAI International Conference on Big Data Technologies and Applications
04 Sep 2018 - 05 Sep 2018 • Exeter, United Kingdom
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Related subject(s):
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CBMI — 2018 16th International Workshop on Content-Based Multimedia Indexing
04 Sep 2018 - 06 Sep 2018 • La Rochelle, France
CBMI 2018 aims at bringing together the various communities involved in all aspects of content-based multimedia indexing for retrieval, browsing, visualization and analytics. In addition to multimedia and social media search and retrieval, we wish to highlight related and equally important issues that build on content-based indexing, such as multimedia content management, user interaction and visualization, media analytics, etc. Additional special sessions are planned in areas such as deep learning, medical image retrieval, big data and eLearning.
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Science at Extreme Scales: Where Big Data Meets Large-Scale Computing
12 Sep 2018 - 14 Dec 2018 • Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (IPAM),, United States
The breathtaking progress in both computer technologies and advanced methods to effectively and efficiently exploit them opens the door for a completely "new kind of science" at the beginning of the 21st century. This paradigm change has been brought about by two waves of innovations. The first wave primarily focused on High Performance Computing (HPC). Simulations and optimizations enable breakthroughs in the fundamental understanding or improvement of processes and systems in various domains of science and engineering. The second wave, which started later, aims at the comprehensive modeling of natural science, engineering, and societal phenomena in a data-driven way, with an even broader impact, also reaching the social sciences and humanities. Data sets from observations, experiments, simulations, imaging, digitization, or social networks as well as business or patient data are collected, processed, and analyzed.
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Science at Extreme Scales: Where Big Data Meets Large-Scale Computing Tutorials
13 Sep 2018 - 18 Sep 2018 • Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (IPAM),, United States
The program opens with four days of tutorials that will provide an introduction to major themes of the entire program and the four workshops. The goal is to build a foundation for the participants of this program who have diverse scientific backgrounds. The themes will cover topics in computer science, big data analysis, machine learning, and numerical analysis.
Part of the Long Program Science at Extreme Scales: Where Big Data Meets Large-Scale Computing
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CONFENIS — International Conference on Research and Practical Issues of Enterprise Information Systems
18 Sep 2018 - 20 Sep 2018 • Poznan, Poland
CONFENIS 2018 provides an international forum for Enterprise Information System (EIS) researchers and practitioners from all over the world to come together, present and discuss their latest research findings and ideas. The conference is specifically aiming at facilitating the exchange of ideas and advances in all aspects and developments of EIS.
Niina Maarit Novak;     Email:
Enterprise Information Systems; EIS Concepts, Cases and Management; Project Management; Governance in EIS; Business Value of EIS; Supply Chain Management Aspects; Decision Support Systems; Business Modelling and Business Process Management; Enterprise Knowledge Engineering and Management; Modelling Formalisms, Languages and Notations; Workflow Management; Model Driven Architectures and Engineering; Big Data; Databases and Information Systems Integration; Data Mining; Ontology based Data Integration; Open Source EIS; Cloud Computing Services; Industry 4.0; Internet of Things Applications; Human-Computer Interaction on EIS; Collaborative and Social Interaction; EIS Teaching and Education; Security and Privacy Issues
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BGDDS — 2018 International Workshop on Big Geospatial Data and Data Science
22 Sep 2018 - 23 Sep 2018 • Wuhan, China
Geospatial data are growing faster than ever due to the development of sensor technologies and cyber-infrastructures. The data are not only bigger than before but they also have increased complexity due to their very special characteristics of volume, variety, velocity, value, veracity, and variability. The workshop will provide a major venue for Earth science and informatics professionals and students to present and discuss state-of-the-art technologies for conducting research and education on big geospatial data management, analytics, and applications.
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Big Data Meets Large-Scale Computing
24 Sep 2018 - 28 Sep 2018 • Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (IPAM),, United States
Large data sets are increasingly being ingested (e.g., in data assimilation) and produced (e.g., in uncertainty quantification) by traditional simulations. Important questions that emerge are: What experience from traditional simulations is transferable to newly emerging big data applications? Conversely, what new optimal algorithms will emerge that are motivated by data intensive applications being pushed to large scales? How will they enrich traditional simulations? Examples of topics that will be discussed: 1)requirements and relations of high-performance analytics and simulation; (2) scalable hierarchical algorithms for analytics and simulation; (3)detecting and exploiting data sparsity within large-scale data sets; and (4)open problems, where no scalable methods yet exist. This workshop will bring together analysts and developers of computationally and data intensive applications interested in early exploitation of extreme scale computing platforms.
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ES — 2018 Sixth International Conference on Enterprise Systems
01 Oct 2018 - 02 Oct 2018 • Limassol, Cyprus
Enterprise Systems (ES), also referred to as Enterprise Information Systems, has become increasingly popular over the last 20 years because it integrates and extends business processes across the boundaries of business functions and corporate walls, as well as country border lines. As the key IT assets, ES enable industrial organizations and public administrations to integrate, coordinate and evolve their business processes across functional and organization boundaries and to effectively exploit information for sustaining success of the enterprises. International Conference on Enterprise Systems (ES 2016) focuses on both the technical and application aspects of enterprise systems and the complex and cross-disciplinary problems of enterprise integration. Apart from that, the conference deals with methods and technologies for the development, adoption, and application of context-rich enterprise systems leading to smart machines or intelligent cloud services.
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Related subject(s):
RecSys — ACM Conference on Recommender Systems
02 Oct 2018 - 07 Oct 2018 • Vancouver, Canada
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SISAP — 2018 11th International Conference on Similarity Search and Applications
07 Oct 2018 - 09 Oct 2018 • Lima, Peru
The 11th International Conference on Similarity Search and Applications (SISAP) is an annual forum for researchers and application developers in the area of similarity data management. It aims at the technological problems shared by numerous application domains, such as data mining, information retrieval, multimedia, computer vision, pattern recognition, computational biology, geography, biometrics, machine learning, and many others that make use of similarity search as a necessary supporting service.
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Workshop II: HPC-driven Applications Go Big Data
15 Oct 2018 - 19 Oct 2018 • Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (IPAM),, United States
Classical HPC applications-usually based on numerically solving sets of ODEs or PDEs-develop towards a data-centric approach. This includes patient-specific simulations in medicine, integrated analytics of experimental and simulation data in plasma physics, learning from simulation data, and many more. We will discuss the question: What are the implications, needs, opportunities, and limitations in this context?
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CIKM — ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management
22 Oct 2018 - 26 Oct 2018 • Lingotto, Italy
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KR — Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
30 Oct 2018 - 02 Nov 2018 • Tempe, United States
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PASS — PASS Summit 2018
07 Nov 2018 - 09 Nov 2018 • Seattle, United States
Geek-out with a community of people who love data. Organized by PASS (, PASS Summit is a global event providing three days of real-world technical learning by leading community and Microsoft experts. Developers, DBAs, Architects, BA/BI, IT Pros, DevOps and everything in between… if you work with data, you’ll fit right in. Come learn with us and connect with a network of data professionals just like you!
Phone: [604-899-6009];     Email:
Azure, SQL Server, DBA, Data Warehousing, Performance Tuning, Data Architecture, Data Security, Data Science, Analytics, BI, Power BI, Data Visualization, Machine Learning, R, AI, Cosmos DB
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ICBDA — 2018 IEEE Conference on Big Data and Analytics
20 Nov 2018 - 22 Nov 2018 • Langkawi, Malaysia
The conference provides an excellent opportunity to share and exchange technologies and applications in the area of Big Data and Analytics for professionals, engineers, academics and industrial people worldwide.
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K-2018 — ITU Kaleidoscope 2018 - Machine learning for a 5G future
26 Nov 2018 - 28 Nov 2018 • Santa Fe, Argentina
Kaleidoscope 2018 calls for original scientific papers addressing advances in research on machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques for future communication networks, covering all aspects of network design, management, implementation and optimization. This year’s conference will assist ITU standardization experts in capitalizing on machine learning in their preparations for the 5G era and beyond. Authors of outstanding papers will be invited to contribute to the work of ITU-T Focus Group on Machine Learning for Future Networks including 5G.
Information and communication technologies (ICTs), standards, standardization, technological innovation, information society, artificial intelligence, expert systems, machine learning, algorithms, swarm intelligence, neural networks, intelligent adaptive learning, big data analytics, data mining, fuzzy logic, statistical analysis, cognitive systems, communication technologies, communication networks, wireless communications, future networks, radio spectrum, security, privacy, reliability, Internet of things, image and video communication, monitoring, forecasting, optimization, policy, regulation, ethics, intellectual property rights, technical cooperation, sustainability, development, access, equality, inclusiveness.
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Bayesian Statistics in the Big Data Era (part of the Jean-Morlet Chair)
26 Nov 2018 - 30 Nov 2018 • CIRM Luminy, Marseille, France
Bayesian methods are now firmly established in the fields of Statistics and Machine Learning and are being increasingly applied to "Big Data". However, there are still gaps in knowledge about the theory, methodology, computation and application of Bayesian methods in this context. This conference will bring together an international and interdisciplinary group of researchers and practitioners to share insights, research, challenges and opportunities in developing and using Bayesian statistics in the Big Data era. The anticipated outcomes include: knowledge transfer, new collaborative networks, new research directions and new statistical tools to address challenging problems in the real world. The themes we aim to cover are Emerging Theory & Methods: Bayesian methodology for big data modelling and analysis; Enabling Computation: Bayesian computation for big data; New Insights: Applications of Bayesian analysis using big data; and Program.
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3rd IMA Conference on The Mathematical Challenges of Big Data
10 Dec 2018 - 11 Dec 2018 • London, United Kingdom
Data-driven analysis is increasingly on the critical path for performance advantage in many organisations, both public and commercial. This raises continuous challenges for rigorous analysis to derive reliable insights from data at very large scale, often with potential artefacts and sampling bias, adding to change variation. This conference brings together researchers and practitioners to signpost developments in the state-of-the-art and find common ground where theory and practice meet to maximise impact in the digital economy. It is a forum for networking and to showcase the very latest research in a broad range of topics. Each session will feature an invited talk by an expert speaker.
Pamela Bye;     Email:
Mathematical challenges arising from Big Data, Mathematical Innovation in Data Science, Multidisciplinary applications of Big Data, Data assimilation and inverse problems from novel sensors, Applications of block-chain including cryptocurrencies, Persistent homology, Optimal and dynamic sampling, Stream data management, Uncertainty modelling & generalisation error bounds, Network analysis & web mining methods, Trend tracking & novelty detection, Dynamic segmentation & clustering, Deep learning, Transfer learning, Context awareness, Multimodal data linkage, Integration of multi-scale models, Mining of unstructured, spatio-temporal & multimedia data, IoT and large sensor networks, Predictive analytics and recommender systems, Real-time forecasting, Access on-demand in distributed databases, Privacy protecting data mining, Homomorphic encryption, Data integrity & provenance methods, Visualization methods, Mathematics underpinning large-scale use cases.
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Big Data — IEEE International Conference on Big Data
10 Dec 2018 - 13 Dec 2018 • Washington, United States
Event listing ID:
BDCAT — 2018 IEEE/ACM 5th International Conference on Big Data Computing Applications and Technologies
17 Dec 2018 - 20 Dec 2018 • Zurich, Switzerland
The IEEE/ACM International Conference on Big Data Computing, Applications and Technologies (BDCAT) aims to provide a platform for researchers from both academia and industry to present new discoveries in the broad area of big data computing and applications. The conference focuses on Big Data-related sciences, infrastructures and platforms, applications, trends and challenges, as well as on visualisation.
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VLDB — 45th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases
26 Aug 2019 - 30 Aug 2019 • Los Angeles, United States
The annual VLDB conference is a premier annual international forum for database researchers, vendors, practitioners, application developers, and users. PVLDB, established in 2008, is a scholarly journal for short and timely research papers, with a journal-style review and quality assurance process. PVLDB is distinguished by a monthly submission process with rapid reviews. Its issues are published regularly throughout the year. Your paper will appear in PVLDB soon after acceptance, and possibly in advance of the VLDB conference. All papers accepted in time will be published in PVLDB Vol. 12 and also presented at the VLDB 2019 conference.
Sumita Barahmand;     Email:
Access Methods, Concurrency Control, Recovery, Transactions, Indexing and Search, In-memory Data Management, Hardware Accelerators, Query Processing and Optimization, Storage Management, Privacy and Security in Data Management, Graph Data Management, Social Networks, Recommendation Systems, Data Mining and Analytics, Warehousing, Crowdsourcing, Embedded and Mobile Databases, Real-time Databases, Sensors and IoT, Stream Databases, Data Models and Query Languages, Schema Management and Design, Database Usability, User Interfaces and Visualization, Tuning, Benchmarking, Performance Measurement, Database Administration and Manageability, Distributed Database Systems, Cloud Data Management, NoSQL, Scalable Analytics, Distributed Transactions, Consistency, P2P and Networked Data Management, Database-as-a-Service, Content Delivery Networks, Provenance and Workflows, Spatial, Temporal, and Multimedia Databases, Scientific and Medical Data Management, Profile-based or Context-Aware Data Management, Data Cleaning, Information Filtering and Dissemination, Information Integration, Metadata Management, Data Discovery, Web Data Management, Semantic Web, Heterogeneous and Federated Database Systems, Fuzzy, Probabilistic and Approximate Databases, Information Retrieval, Text in Databases
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Event website:
ICDAR — International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition
22 Sep 2019 - 25 Sep 2019 • Sydney, Australia
Event listing ID:
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