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Gordon Research Conference — Stochastic Physics in Biology
06 Jan 2019 - 11 Jan 2019 • Ventura, CA, United States
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SMB2019 — 10th biennial workshop on Single Molecule Biophysics
06 Jan 2019 - 11 Jan 2019 • Aspen Center for Physics (ACP), United States
The 10th biennial workshop on Single Molecule Biophysics (SMB) will run from the evening of Sunday, January 6th - Friday evening, January 11th, 2019 at the Aspen Center for Physics (ACP), building on the successful conferences series started in 2001. The meeting highlights recent progress in the field of single molecule biophysics on both its experimental and theoretical frontiers.
mechanoenzymes (myosin, kinesin, dynein, etc.), nucleic acid-based enzymes (polymerases, topoisomerases, helicases, etc.), rotary motors (ATP synthases, flagellar motors), nucleic acids (DNA, RNA, ribozymes), and various aspects of molecular physiology (folding/unfolding, binding, signaling, and other biostructural changes)
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Keystone Symposia: Signal Dynamics and Signal Integration in Development and Disease
27 Jan 2019 - 31 Jan 2019 • Keystone, Colorado, United States
The discovery and study of the major developmental signaling pathways (Notch, Hh, Wnt, TGF-beta, Hippo, RTK) have illuminated how patterning and growth are controlled in metazoans. These pathways are reiteratively used during development and adult life, acting to maintain stem cells and direct tissue repair and regeneration. When they are disrupted, cancer develops. This conference embraces recent progress in quantitative biology, mathematical modelling, single cell analysis and intravital imaging. It also presents a major opportunity to bring together knowledge from developmental systems with adult homeostasis, regeneration and cancer, as well as to elucidate how different developmental signals are integrated to influence cellular decision-making processes. Bringing together cell/developmental biologists and stem cell, regeneration and cancer specialists, with a strong emphasis on multidisciplinary approaches that incorporate systems biology, mathematics and physics into the study of living systems, the conference aims to: 1) Explore the commonalities between signaling in development, regeneration and homeostasis; 2) Leverage quantitative, single cell and systems biology to study the dynamics and integration of developmental signaling across scales; and 3) Highlight how perturbations in developmental pathways cause diseases such as cancer. Pairing the conference with the symposium on “Cellular Plasticity: Reprogramming, Regeneration, and Metaplasia” will also enhance the conferences’ impact and enable in-depth exploration of the parallels between plasticity/pluripotency in development, regeneration and disease.
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tissue repair and regeneration, quantitative biology, single cell analysis, systems biology, development, signaling pathways, stem cells
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BiOS19 — Biomedical Optics 2019 | Part of SPIE Photonics West 2019
02 Feb 2019 - 07 Feb 2019 • San Francisco, United States
BiOS 2019, part of SPIE Photonics West 2019, is the world’s largest biomedical optics and biophotonics conference. Topics range from biomedical optics, photonic diagnostic and therapeutic tools and systems, nano/biophotonics, new imaging modalities, OCT, neurophotonics, optogenetics, and tissue optics.
Phone: [+1 360 676 3290];     Email:
photonic, call for papers, photonics, spectroscopy, spie photonics west, photonics west, laser technology, photonic crystals, spie photonic west, photonic conference, nonlinear optics, neurosurgery conference, laser sources, photonics conferences, quantum applications, ultrafast optics, neurophotonics, photonic technology, biomedical optics, biomedical imaging, SPIE BIOS
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Gordon Research Seminar — Physical Science of Cancer
09 Feb 2019 - 10 Feb 2019 • Galveston, TX, United States
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Gordon Research Conference — Physical Science of Cancer
10 Feb 2019 - 15 Feb 2019 • Galveston, TX, United States
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The Biophysical Society — 63rd Annual Meeting
02 Mar 2019 - 06 Mar 2019 • Baltimore, MD, United States
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Boulder Summer School for Condensed Matter and Materials Physics
08 Jul 2019 - 26 Jul 2019 • Boulder, United States
Boulder School 2019: Theoretical Biophysics
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AMS 2019 — Advancing Mass Spectrometry for Biophysics and Structural Biology 2019
21 Jul 2019 - 25 Jul 2019 • University of Massachusetts Amherst, United States
Advancing Mass Spectrometry for Biophysics and Structural Biology 2019 will showcase the best science and promote an exchange of ideas between leaders and new-comers to the biology/mass spectrometry interface, in order to propel this exciting topic toward future successes.
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The Biophysical Society — 64th Annual Meeting
15 Feb 2020 - 19 Feb 2020 • San Diego, California, United States
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The Biophysical Society — 65th Annual Meeting
20 Feb 2021 - 24 Feb 2021 • Boston, MA , United States
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The Biophysical Society — 66th Annual Meeting
19 Feb 2022 - 23 Feb 2022 • San Francisco, CA, United States
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