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PMS — 8th Annual Pharma Marketing Summit-Digital Marketing & CEM
09 oct 2018 - 11 oct 2018 • Berlin, Allemagne
The 8th Annual Pharma Marketing Summit will focus on the latest hot topics within the realm of Digital Marketing and CEM and will offer you the one of a kind platform for discussing the current challenges the industry is facing. Some pharmaceutical experts are tired of hearing of the “new approaches”, therefore we will bring you case studies focused on what has been implemented, what has worked and what has failed. Join us at the table, listen and debate about the changing face of pharmaceutical marketing, marketing strategies, patient engagement and targeting, visual content marketing, the optimal level of execution and implementing the customer engagement in theory vs. its practicalities. For more information about the conference, including abstracts, registrations and more, please visit the official conference website at
Tél.: [+421 221 025 322];     Email.:
Development of digital marketing strategies, Customers segmentation and effective customer experience in pharma, Embrace of multichannel marketing, Utilisation of digital marketing, Presence of pharma companies in social media, Value and attribute of pharma digital success
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Keystone Symposia: 21st Century Drug Discovery and Development for Global Health
17 oct 2018 - 20 oct 2018 • Berlin, Allemagne
Infectious diseases cause substantial morbidity and mortality in the developing world. The medicines available today are often inconvenient to use or result in side effects, and many are being lost to emerging drug resistance. There remains an urgent need to discover and develop the next generation of transformative medicines that are more efficacious, more highly targeted, and have a better safety profile. This will only be achieved through the application of state-of-the-art drug discovery tools, technologies and approaches. This meeting will focus on diseases caused by parasitic organisms and bacteria, including malaria, neglected tropical diseases, diarrheal disease and tuberculosis. The goals of this meeting are to improve understanding of the disease burden and challenges faced in developing new therapies, to highlight examples of progress towards new drug candidates, and to foster communication and collaboration among communities of researchers working in global health across the spectrum from research to the clinic. The meeting will be of interest to basic scientists as well as drug discovery and development experts wanting to gain a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities in global health.
Tél.: [970.262.1230];     Email.:
infectious diseases, virology, bacteriology, immunology, tropical diseases
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