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23 Feb 2018 • New Delhi, India
Risk Based Inspection & Maintenance Summit (RBI 2018) is the 2nd initiative in India and one of the few initiatives in the world to conduct a technical summit solely on Risk Based Inspection Technology. RBI will provide an effective platform for Inspection, Maintenance, Risk Managers, Asset Integrity, Operation & Corrosion professionals from various industries like Refineries, Offshore/onshore Oil & Gas Production, Pipeline, Petrochemical, CGD, LNG, Fertilizer, Power plants, Chemical and Process Plants etc.
Nikhil Raj;     Phone: [9717467198];     Email:
Refineries, Offshore/onshore Oil & Gas Production, Pipeline, Petrochemical, CGD, LNG, Fertilizer, Power plants, Chemical and Process Plants
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ICMPC 2018 — Materials Processing and characterization
16 Mar 2018 - 18 Mar 2018 • Hyderabad , India
Functional materials, smart materials, intelligent materials – whatever you call them, they will be a key pillar of 21st century technology. Among the modern structural materials there has been a tremendous advancement in science and technology of materials. In recent years, nanostructure materials and nano composites have become increasingly important because of their remarkable properties and permanently growing areas for practical applications. Various aspects of mechanical properties of nano materials including analytical and computational modelling in combination with comprehensive experimental analysis of mechanical behaviour is yet to be investigated. In spite of the rapid progress in this field, mechanical properties of nano materials and composites are still remaining terra incognita in materials science. In the field of massive and complex manufacturing we are now in need of materials, with properties, that can be manipulated according to our needs. Large spaceplanes like the Space Shuttle would have proven extremely difficult, if not impossible, to build without heat-resistant ceramic tiles to protect them during re-entry. And high-speed forward-swept-wing airplanes like Grumman's experimental X-29 or the Russian Sukhoi S-27 Berkut would not have been possible without the development of composite materials to keep their wings from bending out of shape. Nature is full of magic materials, which are to be discovered in forms suitable to our needs. Such magical materials, also known as intelligent or smart materials, can sense, process, stimulate and actuate a response. There is an increasing awareness of the benefits to be derived from the development and exploitation of advanced materials and structures in applications ranging from hydrospace to aerospace. With the ability to respond autonomously to changes in their environment, smart systems can offer a simplified approach to the control of various material and system characteristics. Mechanistic understanding from any discipline is the routes to the development of materials with capabilities beyond those currently available. The conference is creating a cross disciplinary summit that transcends departmental, institutional, industrial, public and private research organizations and global barriers and lends itself to the integration of research and education in the vital field of advanced materials. This conference is mainly aims in major sectors of advanced processing, material characterization, modeling and simulation, properties, performance and device fabrication.
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ICRACM-2019 — Sixth International Conference on Recent Advances in Composite Materials
25 Feb 2019 - 28 Feb 2019 • Varanasi, India
Composite materials have unique advantages over monolithic materials, such as high strength, high stiffness, long fatigue life, low density, and adaptability to the intended function of the structure. Significant achievement has been made in the design/development and applications. Considerable innovative research is still continuing for the development of continuous fibre composites and particulate composites for critical applications. Structural requirements demand ultimate and reliable composite material performance to react to global static and dynamic external and component loads. Therefore, ICRACM-2019 aims at bringing together academicians and researchers in various disciplines to share knowledge and exchange views, for useful industrial applications of composite materials. The conference will facilitate discussion on the latest trends in the entire gamut of composite materials. The deliberations will certainly be helping researchers for embarking upon newer aspect design and development of various types of composites.
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