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Updates in Cardio-Oncology 2018: Challenges and New Frontiers
01 Feb 2018 - 03 Feb 2018 • Scottsdale, United States
This course reviews clinically important information regarding the management of cardiac and vascular diseases affecting patients with cancer and cancer survivors. The interactive, practice-based format includes case presentations and state-of-the-art lectures in recent and topical developments in this emerging field. The goal is to improve quality, safety and outcomes for patients within the dynamic and interactive educational experience. The current state of knowledge of common cardiovascular complications such as heart failure (HF), myocardial ischemia, hypertension (HTN), thromboembolism, QT prolongation, and bradycardia is associated with frequently used anticancer medications.  An optional hands-on echocardiography workshop will be available.  Pre-registration is required.
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Keystone Symposia: Atherosclerosis: Lessons Learned and Concepts Challenged
04 Feb 2018 - 08 Feb 2018 • Taos, New Mexico, United States
Atherosclerosis is a chronic, systemic disease process whereby fatty deposits, inflammation and fibrosis accumulate in arterial vessel walls. Organs systems, including heart, brain, kidneys, as well as extremities, can be damaged, leading to atherosclerosis-driven clinical outcomes. According to the American Heart Association, 15.5 million Americans have coronary heart disease, of which 7.6 million experienced myocardial infarction. These statistics are reflective of global incidence. Treatment of atherosclerosis often begins with robust cholesterol-lowering treatments, yet many patients continue to experience cardiovascular events. Recent attempts to provide cardiovascular protection to such patients have included anti-inflammatory and HDL-raising therapeutic approaches that have yielded little benefit. Building knowledge of atherosclerosis disease etiology, defining unique attributes of patient differences as simple as sex or genetic inheritance, and using technology to identify patients with early disease is foundational for the scientific community to develop urgently needed therapeutics. The current concept of acute coronary syndrome (“the vulnerable plaque”) and widely applied animal models are debated because clinical presentation, underlying pathology and pathogenetic mechanisms are subject to change due to improved medical treatment. The goals of this meeting are to: 1) Challenge current dogma of atherosclerosis etiology and explore intra-organ cross-talk that may underlie disease evolution; 2) Consider emerging risk factors and their origins as intervention targets; and 3) Explore cutting-edge technologies to discover new therapeutic targets and approaches for drug development. By bringing together scientists from preclinical to clinical settings and from industry to academic institutions, this conference will nurture discussions to translate breakthrough discoveries into therapeutics.
Attendee Services;     Phone: [970.262.1230];     Email:
cardiovascular science, cardiovascular research, heart disease
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Miami Cardiometabolic Summit: Practical Updates in Preventive and Clinical Cardiology
22 Feb 2018 - 24 Feb 2018 • Miami Beach, United States
The Cardiometabolic Summit provides a comprehensive review of the latest breakthroughs, advances and innovations in preventive and clinical cardiac and vascular medicine. Expert faculty will explore patient management approaches to the assessment and reduction of cardiovascular disease risk and cost-effective solutions in preventive cardiology.
Julie Zimmett;     Phone: [786-596-2398];     Email:
Cardiology CME; Cardiometabolic Conference
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Keystone Symposia - Vascular Biology and Human Diseases: From Molecular Pathways to Novel Therapeutics
25 Feb 2018 - 01 Mar 2018 • Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States
Recent years have seen rapid progress in our knowledge of how the vascular system is formed during embryo development and in adults expressing in proliferative diseases such as cancer. It has become unequivocally evident that endothelial cells express highly specific and distinct functions in arteries, veins and lymphatics. Moreover, endothelial cells are able to further modify their functional properties in order to meet the specific needs of the different organs. This conference will address the mechanisms that orchestrate organ-specific endothelial differentiation, making a connection between endothelial dysfunction and organ pathology. The major challenge will be to link our experimental knowledge to the understanding of human vascular diseases. The symposium will bring together teams of vascular biologists, neuroscientists, immunologists and clinicians from all over the world to share their recent discoveries and to direct future efforts to find novel and more precise therapies.
Attendee Services;     Phone: [970.262.1230];     Email:
Atherosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases, neurobiology
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FOGM18 — The Future of Genomic Medicine
01 Mar 2018 - 02 Mar 2018 • La Jolla, United States
The 11th annual Future of Genomic Medicine conference will be the next iteration of taking genomic knowledge to transform the daily practice of medicine. To do this, we have patients present their story of how genomics affected their medical status, and have a faculty of experts in genomics, science and medical journalism, and the life science industry provide critical perspective. This year we will be paying attention to the exciting area of genomic editing to treat diseases, cancer (a disease of the genome), and the use of genetics for preventative medicine. Furthermore, we will delve into the hot topics of circulating free DNA-based diagnostics, epigenetics, and genomic analytics. The overarching goal of the conference is to spearhead efforts to use genomic knowledge to change medicine and make it far more precise and individualized.
Corrine Yarbrough;     Phone: [8587842133];     Email:
The Future of Idividualized Medicine, Genome Editing, Data Science in Genetics and Genomics, Genetics of Human Origins and Adaptation, Circulating DNA and RNA, Predictive and Preventative Genetics, Epigenetics
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Mayo Clinic Echocardiographic Workshop on 2-D and Doppler Echo at Vail 2018
04 Mar 2018 - 08 Mar 2018 • Vail , CO, United States
American College Of Cardiology 67th Annual Scientific Session & Expo 2018
10 Mar 2018 - 12 Mar 2018 • Orlando, United States
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Society For Clinical Vascular Surgery 46th Annual Symposium 2018
17 Mar 2018 - 21 Mar 2018 • Las Vegas, United States
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American Heart Association EPI/Lifestyle 2018 Scientific Sessions
20 Mar 2018 - 23 Mar 2018 • New Orleans, United States
Diabetic Limb Salvage 2018
05 Apr 2018 - 07 Apr 2018 • Washington, DC, United States
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Heart Valve Society 4th Annual Scientific Meeting 2018
12 Apr 2018 - 14 Apr 2018 • New York, United States
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24th Annual Interventional Cardiology Fellows Course 2018
12 Apr 2018 - 15 Apr 2018 • Orlando, United States
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16th Annual International Vein Congress 2018
19 Apr 2018 - 21 Apr 2018 • Miami Beach, United States
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Nuclear Cardiology Today: A Comprehensive Review and Update 2018
20 Apr 2018 - 22 Apr 2018 • Rosemont, United States
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AATS Aortic Symposium 2018
26 Apr 2018 - 27 Apr 2018 • New York, United States
National Lipid Association Scientific Sessions 2018
26 Apr 2018 - 29 Apr 2018 • Las Vegas , NV, United States
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Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists 7th Annual Thoracic Anesthesia Symposium 2018
27 Apr 2018 • Phoenix, United States
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Scripps 5th Annual Clinical Advances in Arrhythmias and Heart Failure 2018
27 Apr 2018 - 29 Apr 2018 • La Jolla, United States
American Association for Thoracic Surgery 98th Annual Meeting 2018
28 Apr 2018 - 01 May 2018 • San Diego, United States
American Society Of Extracorporeal Technology 56th International Conference 2018
28 Apr 2018 - 01 May 2018 • San Diego, United States
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Heart Rhythm Society 39th Annual Scientific Sessions 2018
09 May 2018 - 12 May 2018 • Boston, United States
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New Cardiovascular Horizons 19th Annual Conference 2018
30 May 2018 - 01 Jun 2018 • New Orleans , LA, United States
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Gordon Research Seminar — Cardiac Regulatory Mechanisms
02 Jun 2018 - 03 Jun 2018 • New London, NH, United States
The seminar will emphasize new concepts in cardiovascular biology including cardiac regulatory and signaling pathways, generation of novel therapeutics and translational models, and the use of big data and bioinformatics to study heart physiology and disease. The GRS program will cover a variety of topics including cardioprotection, myocardial repair and regeneration, stem cells and stem cell factors, gene therapy, epigenetics, metabolism, fibrosis, cardiac development, RNA biology, myofilaments, ion channels and calcium signaling.
Pioneering Developments in Basic and Translational Cardiovascular Research
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Gordon Research Conference — Cardiac Regulatory Mechanisms
03 Jun 2018 - 08 Jun 2018 • New London, NH, United States
The 2018 Gordon Research Conference (GRC) on Cardiac Regulatory Mechanisms, is the premier conference centered on the fundamental physiological mechanisms that control normal cardiac function and how they are altered by disease, with the goal of discovering novel mechanisms to protect or restore function of the failing, injured or arrhythmic heart.
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Mayo Clinic Heart Failure Up North: Practical Approaches to the Management Heart Failure 2018
23 Jun 2018 - 24 Jun 2018 • Brainerd , MN, United States
The New Orleans Conference: Practices in Cardiac Surgery and Extracorporeal Technologies 2018
27 Jun 2018 - 30 Jun 2018 • New Orleans , LA, United States
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Mayo Clinic Cardiovascular Review Course for Cardiology Boards and Recertification and Optional Post-Course Echo Focus Session 2018
25 Aug 2018 - 28 Aug 2018 • Rochester, United States
Catheter Interventions in Structural, Valvularand Congenital Heart Disease, Atrial Fibrillation and Heart Failure - UCSF 2018
26 Oct 2018 - 27 Oct 2018 • San Francisco, United States
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CARDIOCARE — International Conference on Cardiovascular Research and Cardio Care
13 Nov 2018 - 15 Nov 2018 • Baltimore, United States
United Scientific Group takes great pleasure to welcome you to the International Conference on Cardiovascular Research and Cardio Care (CardioCare-2018) on November 12-14, 2018 in Baltimore MD, USA. This three day conference, has been designed to present and discuss the diagnosis and treatment paradigms for cardiac diseases, including medical, endovascular, surgical, and hybrid options. The organizing committee is confident that participants will benefit from the high value scientific program, formulated by consulting the expertise in the field of cardiology and welcome all the researchers to join us for these 3 days of stimulating discussions, knowledge sharing and networking event.
Satish;     Phone: [408-426-4833];     Email:
Structural Heart Disease, Echocardiography, Arrhythmias, Cardiac biology, hypertrophy and failure, Dyslipidemia, Cardio-Oncology, Geriatric Cardiology, Pediatric Cardiology, Diabetes and Cardio-metabolic disease, Peripheral Vascular Disease, Transplantation, Valvular Heart Disease, Atherosclerosis, Diagnosis and Preventive Cardiology, Hypertension, Interventional Cardiology & Surgery, Sports and Exercise Cardiology, Cardiac Imaging, Cardiac Stem Cells
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