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SECAT'17 — Meeting of the Spanish Catalysis Society
26 Jun 2017 - 28 Jun 2017 • Oviedo, Spain
The Spanish Catalysis Society organizes the meeting (SECAT’17) in order to bring together the different aspects of the catalytic processes, from the preparation and characterization of catalysts to the design and simulation of catalytic reactors, both conventional and unconventional. Special emphasis will be placed on the development of catalysts and catalytic reactors for the development of more sustainable chemical processes, as well as for solving environmental problems. It is also intended to extend the contents of this congress to other types of catalysis, such as homogeneous catalysis, photocatalysis, electrocatalysis, etc.

Both English and Spanish will be the official languages of the conference.

Eva Díaz;     Phone: [+34985103437];     Email:
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Heterogeneous Catalytic Hydrogenation
27 Jun 2017 - 28 Jun 2017 • Lisbon , Portugal
AFMD 2017 — 6 th Advanced Functional Materials and Devices
26 Jul 2017 - 02 Aug 2017 • Moscow, Russia
The 6th Advanced Functional Materials and Devices (AFMD) will be held in the beautiful and historical city, Moscow, Russia from 26th July to 1th August 2017. This international conference is focused a wide area of multidisciplinary research on functional materials and devices that are made from this special group of materials. The AFMD offers most advanced scientific achievements and at the same time covers state-of-the-art developments in the materials level as well as in the system level. The six days’ lectures and social events will provide a unique and golden opportunity for scientists to exchange their excellences, achievements through the platform of AFMD.
Ekaterina Belousova;     Phone: [4959393685];     Email:
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04 Sep 2017 - 08 Sep 2017 • Gabicce Mare, Adriatic Riviera, Italy
The previous CRS events were held in St. Petersburg, Russia (2010), Lund, Sweden (2013), Catania-Sicily, Italy (2015). These meetings were highly successful in bringing together researchers from all over the world. We aspire to continue this tradition. The aim of the meeting is to provide a forum for the presentation and exchange of research findings and innovative ideas regarding the catalytic technologies for the processing of renewable sources. We eager to bring together once again a wide range of researchers and experts in all aspects of developing this so necessary for society areas of knowledge. Balanced use of fossil and renewable resources will be one of the important trends of the conference scientific program. To continue the initiative of the previous CRS events the organizers are developing plans for visiting the biomass processing objects (factories and plants).
Tatiana Zamulina;     Phone: [+7 (383) 326 9536];     Email:
Catalysis in dendrochemistry for valuables production, Biomass derivatives in petrochemistry, Catalytic processes for biofuels production, Bio-Photo-/Electro-catalytic conversion of renewables, Catalysis for environment and sustainability
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GCR 2017 — Global Conference on Catalysis and Reaction Engineering
19 Oct 2017 - 21 Oct 2017 • Las Vegas, United States
Global Conference on Catalysis and Reaction Engineering will bring together a collection of investigators who are at the forefront of their field, and will provide opportunities for junior scientists and graduate students to interactively present their work and exchange ideas with established senior scientists. This program will include workshops, symposia, poster sessions and special discussions on wide range of session themes on catalysis.
Sandra Dare;     Phone: [17029882320];     Email:
catalysis conferences, catalysis conference 2017, catalysis conference las vegas
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Biocatalysis as a Tool for the Synthetic Chemist
07 Nov 2017 - 08 Nov 2017 • Madrid, Spain
3rd MMAP — 3rd Molecules and Materials for Artificial Photosynthesis Conference
02 Mar 2018 - 05 Mar 2018 • Cancun, United Kingdom
The replacement of fossil fuels by a clean and renewable energy source is one of the most urgent and challenging issues our society is facing today, which is why intense research is devoted to this topic recently. Nature has been using sunlight as the primary energy input to oxidize water and generate carbohydrates (a solar fuel) for over a billion years. Inspired, but not constrained, by nature, artificial systems can be designed to capture light and oxidize water and reduce protons or other organic compounds to generate useful chemical fuels. Significant progress has been made recently in artificial photosynthesis based on molecular chemistry and material science. However, developments in these two areas have occurred more independently than what is perhaps desired. In the present meeting, we will bring together researchers in these two scientific communities to explore possible synergistic effects of “fusion” between molecular and materials systems.
Sarah Trundle;     Email:
Molecules, Materials, Artificial Photosynthesis, Fundamentals of light capturing and conversion, Water oxidation catalysis, Proton and CO2 reduction catalysis, Interfacing molecules and materials for photosynthesis, Complete cells for the generation of solar fuels
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