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Gordon Research Conference — Physical Organic Chemistry
23 Jun 2019 - 28 Jun 2019 • Holderness School, Holderness, NH, United States
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PCFM19 — 2nd International Conference on Physical Chemistry and Functional Materials
25 Jun 2019 - 27 Jun 2019 • Cappadocia, Turkey
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MQM19 — 9th Molecular Quantum Mechanics Conference
30 Jun 2019 - 05 Jul 2019 • Heidelberg , Germany
The series of „Molecular Quantum Mechanics“ conferences are held as a triannual event and traditionally honor the scientific achievements of leading scientists in the field of molecular quantum mechanics, who usually were born in the host country.
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TASQ - Toruń Astrophysics, Spectroscopy and Quantum Chemistry School — 1st summer school on astrophysics, spectroscopy and quantum chemistry
01 Jul 2019 - 12 Jul 2019 • Nicolaus Copernicus University, Toruń, Poland
The 1st summer school on astrophysics, spectroscopy and quantum chemistry will be held on July 1-12, 2019 in the Faculty of Physics, Astronomy, and Informatics of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, Poland. It is intended mainly for PhD students who want to expand their knowledge and gain practical skills in the key themes of the school.
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Dirac-2019: Waves, Particles, Spectra
07 Jul 2019 - 10 Jul 2019 • St Petersburg, Russia
Steklov Institute
The workshop is designed to bring together experts working in spectral theory of differential operators, nonlinear PDEs and Quantum Physics/Quantum Chemistry. The main goal of the workshop is the theory and applications of self-interacting spinor fields.
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ICAVS-10 — 10th International Conference on Advanced Vibrational Spectroscopy
07 Jul 2019 - 12 Jul 2019 • Auckland City, Australia
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ISTCP 2019 — 10th Triennial Congress of the International Society for Theoretical Chemical Physics
11 Jul 2019 - 17 Jul 2019 • Tromsø, Norway
ISTCP-X continues in the tradition of presenting the achievement and advances of all areas of theoretical chemical physics, with special emphasis on the interaction between experimental and theoretical physical chemistry.
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ICASS — 63rd International Conference of Analytical Sciences and Spectroscopy
25 Jul 2019 - 28 Jun 2019 • Montreal, Canada, Canada
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TSRC Summer School 2019 — Telluride School on Theoretical Chemistry
29 Jul 2019 - 02 Aug 2019 • Telluride, CO, United States
ICNI 2019 — 1st International Conference on Noncovalent Interactions
02 Sep 2019 - 06 Sep 2019 • Lisbon, Portugal
Universidade de Lisboa, Faculdade de Ciências, Lisboa, Portugal
The conference aims to highlight the role of Noncovalent Interactions in Synthesis, Catalysis, Crystal engineering, Molecular recognition, Medicinal chemistry, Biology, Materials science, Electrochemical immobilization, etc. including also Theoretical aspects. All approaches will be considered, from fundamental to applied ones, including discussion of new types of noncovalent interactions (aerogen, halogen, chalcogen, pnictogen, tetrel and icosagen bonds) and multidisciplinary studies.
physical chemistry, Noncovalent Interactions
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Faraday Discussion — Quantum Effects in Complex Systems
11 Sep 2019 - 13 Sep 2019 • Coventry, United Kingdom
Royal Society of Chemistry
Given the rapid rate of development and broad application domains, the principal aim of this Faraday Discussion is to provide a snapshot of the current theoretical and experimental state-of-the-art in methods designed to interrogate and rationalize the role of quantum-mechanical effects in complex systems; simultaneously, this meeting will act as a new forum to discuss ideas which span the experimental/theoretical domains.
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Summer School 2019 — Spectroscopy and Electronic Structure of Transition Metal Complexes
29 Sep 2019 - 04 Oct 2019 • Gelsenkirchen, Germany
The combination of spectroscopic techniques with quantum chemistry and high-level computation is a fundamental component of modern molecular sciences. This powerful synergy drives cutting-edge research in fields ranging from inorganic chemistry to biochemistry and from catalysis to energy research. The summer school focuses particularly on how this combination is used in transition metal chemistry. Its goal is to provide young scientists with the fundamental knowledge and practical skills required to achieve this synergy in their own work. The school is addressed to graduate students, post-doctoral scientists, and researchers who want to understand how molecular theory and spectroscopy relate, who wish to enrich their studies, or who plan to expand their research into new challenging directions. The format of the school is equally appropriate for experimentalists who wish to incorporate theoretical input in their own research, and for participants who already have a background in computational chemistry and wish to learn how theory is used for predicting spectroscopic properties.
spectroscopy, quantum chemistry, molecular sciences, biochemistry, catalysis, transition metal chemistry, graduate students, post-doctoral scientists
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Gordon Research Seminar — Molecular and Ionic Clusters
25 Jan 2020 - 26 Jan 2020 • Ventura, CA, United States
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Gordon Research Conference — Molecular and Ionic Clusters - Molecular Models of Chemical Structure and Dynamics
26 Jan 2020 - 31 Jan 2020 • Ventura, CA, United States
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Gordon Research Conference — Atomically Precise Nanochemistry - Toward Atomic Precision in Nanochemistry: From Synthesis to Function
09 Feb 2020 - 14 Feb 2020 • Galveston, TX, United States
Faraday joint interest group conference 2020
06 Apr 2020 - 08 Apr 2020 • Sheffield, United Kingdom
Royal Society of Chemistry, Advances in materials, Biophysics and imaging, Chemistry at cold temperatures, Excited state processes, Machine learning methods in material property prediction, Magnetic Materials (theory, analysis, and applica
The first meeting of this conference series was held in Warwick in 2017, and we are excited to bring the second edition to Sheffield. Organised by the Royal Society of Chemistry and their Faraday Division, this meeting will host some of the leading physical chemistry researchers from the UK. It promises to be a great forum for researchers to network with and build strong collaborations within their community and related disciplines.
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Gordon Research Seminar — Molecular Interactions and Dynamics
27 Jun 2020 - 28 Jun 2020 • Stonehill College, Easton, MA, United States
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Gordon Research Conference — Molecular Interactions and Dynamics
28 Jun 2020 - 03 Jul 2020 • Stonehill College, Easton, MA, United States
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Gordon Research Seminar — Computational Chemistry
18 Jul 2020 - 19 Jul 2020 • Castelldefels, Spain
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Gordon Research Conference — Computational Chemistry
19 Jul 2020 - 24 Jul 2020 • Castelldefels, Spain
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Gordon Research Conference — Molecular Structure Elucidation
02 Aug 2020 - 07 Aug 2020 • Newry, ME, United States
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WATOC 2020 — 12th Triennial Congress of the World Association of Theoretical and Computational Chemists
16 Aug 2020 - 21 Aug 2020 • Vancouver, Canada
Chemical Institute of Canada (CIC)
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