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Congrès SCF2021
28 Jun 2021 - 30 Jun 2021 • Nantes, France
Nous espérons que SCF 2021 sera l’occasion d’avoir des discussions enrichissantes entre chercheurs de toutes générations, aussi bien de la sphère académique qu’industrielle, et que ces rencontres vous seront propices pour nouer de nouvelles collaborations.
Chimie et Lumière
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ICNI2021 — International Conference on NonCovalent Interactions
19 Jul 2021 - 23 Jul 2021 • Strasbourg, France
Institute of Chemistry of Strasbourg, University of Strasbourg
The ICNI is an international forum, interdisciplinary by its nature, at the core of Chemistry by its object. The conference aims to highlight the role of Noncovalent Interactions in Synthesis, Catalysis, Crystal engineering, Molecular recognition, Medicinal chemistry, Biology, Materials science, Electrochemical immobilization, etc. including also Theoretical aspects. All approaches are considered, from fundamental to applied ones and multidisciplinary studies.
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Synthesis, Catalysis, Crystal engineering, Molecular recognition, Medicinal chemistry, Biology, Material science, Electrochemical immobilization, Theory, molecular modeling, chemo-informatics, Coordination chemistry, halogen bond, chalcogen bond, pnictogen bond, tetrel bond, dispersion, London force, Organometallic Chemistry, Organo-catalysis, Organic Synthesis.
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28th AIRAPT Conference 2021 — Joint 28th AIRAPT and 59th EHPRG International Conference on High Pressure Science and Technology.
25 Jul 2021 - 30 Jul 2021 • Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Institute of Physics – IOP
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48th IUPAC World Chemistry Congress and 51st IUPAC General Assembly Incorporating the 104th Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition
13 Aug 2021 - 20 Aug 2021 • Montreal, QC, Canada
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262nd ACS National Meeting & Exposition
22 Aug 2021 - 26 Aug 2021 • Boston, Massachusetts, United States
American Chemical Society
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WiFo 2021 — GDCh-Wissenschaftsforum Chemie 2021
29 Aug 2021 - 01 Sep 2021 • Munich, Germany
Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker e.V.
Die Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (GDCh) ist mit rund 31.000 Mitgliedern aus Wissenschaft, Industrie, Behörden und freier Tätigkeit eine der weltweit größten und bedeutendsten chemiewissenschaftlichen Gesellschaften. Alle zwei Jahre veranstaltet die GDCh, an wechselnden Orten in Deutschland, das GDCh-Wissenschaftsforum Chemie (kurz WiFo), auf dem sich die Chemie in ihrer ganzen Breite als integrative Wissenschaftsdisziplin präsentiert. Die Schwerpunkte liegen insbesondere auf den Themen Synthese und Katalyse, Life Sciences, Energie, Ressourcen und Umwelt, Analytische Chemie, Materialien, Theoretische Chemie und dem Chemieunterricht. Begleitend zu dem Kongress findet eine Fachausstellung mit eintägiger Jobbörse statt.
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PAPS 2021 — Physical Aspects of Polymer Science
08 Sep 2021 - 10 Sep 2021 • Institute of Physics, London, United Kingdom
Organised by IOP Polymer Physics Group
Polymer Physics biennial 2021
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Pacifichem 2021 — 2021 International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies (PAC CHEM).
16 Dec 2021 - 21 Dec 2021 • Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
The conference is sponsored jointly by the American Chemical Society (ACS), the Canadian Society for Chemistry (CSC), the Chemical Society of Japan (CSJ), the New Zealand Institute of Chemistry (NZIC), the Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI), the Korean Chemical Society (KCS), and the Chinese Chemical Society (CCS). The Chemical Society of Japan is the host society for the 2021 Congress.
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EEC-2022 — The 7th International Conference on Ecological & Environmental Chemistry
02 Mar 2022 - 03 Mar 2022 • Chisinau, Moldova
Institute of Chemistry, Chemical Society of the Republic of Moldova
The EEC-2022 Conference is a continuation of a series of successful conferences traditionally organized in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova since 1990’ies. These conferences attracted the experienced and young scientists, engineers and specialists from all over the world, dealing with paramount importance topics of environmental and ecological chemistry. Their latest achievements in the field were presented and discussed during the plenary and corresponding oral and poster sections and have been included in the Abstract Books & Proceedings. Besides, the selected papers were published in the ”Chemistry Journal of Moldova”, USA IGI-Global Editions, ”Mediul Ambiant” and other journals. Each Conference was finalized by adoption of the Conference Resolution that laid the ground for follow-on activities, progress and cooperation development.

The EEC-2022 Conference is focused on further deepening of knowledge on chemical mechanisms and redox processes in the environment, contribute to adjustment of eco-friendly technologies, disseminating, exploiting and taking up the scientific results and translating them into the new products, services and processes, which in their turn will help to successfully deliver the political objectives, as well as to reach the strategic development goals.

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A. Fundamental Aspects of Ecological and Environmental Chemistry, B. Water Science and Society, C. Climate Change and Atmospheric Chemistry, D. Soil and Waste Chemistry, E. Ecological and Environmental Chemistry within the Knowledge Triangle: Research-Education-Innovation
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263rd National Meeting & Exposition — American Chemical Society
20 Mar 2022 - 24 Mar 2022 • San Diego, California, United States
264th National Meeting & Exposition — American Chemical Society
21 Aug 2022 - 25 Aug 2022 • Chicago, IL, United States
265th National Meeting & Exposition — American Chemical Society
26 Mar 2023 - 30 Mar 2023 • Indianapolis, IN, United States
266th National Meeting & Exposition — American Chemical Society
13 Aug 2023 - 17 Aug 2023 • San Francisco, CA, United States
267th National Meeting & Exposition — American Chemical Society
17 Mar 2024 - 21 Mar 2024 • New Orleans, LA, United States
269th National Meeting & Exposition — American Chemical Society
21 Mar 2025 - 27 Mar 2025 • San Diego, California, United States
270th National Meeting & Exposition — American Chemical Society
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