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NuMat 2018
14 Oct 2018 - 18 Oct 2018 • Seattle, United States
The organizers of NuMat encourage scientists involved in experimental and theoretical studies to participate in this conference, particularly in studies aimed at understanding fundamental properties of nuclear fuels and materials under irradiation.
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ATAS 2018 — 4th International Workshop on Advanced Techniques in Actinide Spectroscopy
06 Nov 2018 - 09 Nov 2018 • Nice , France
ATAS is a dedicated workshop on actinide spectroscopy and related techniques. It focuses on recent advances in actinide chemistry from both a spectroscopic and theoretical point of view. Complementary application of various spectroscopic techniques and their combination with theoretical approaches can lead to a more profound understanding of structures, thermodynamics and kinetics of actinide complex formation.
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INSINUME 2019 — In situ Nuclear Metrology as a tool for radioecology
23 Apr 2019 - 26 Apr 2019 • Kusadasi, Turkey
We are pleased to announce that the 8th International Symposium on “IN SItuNUclearMEtrology as a tool for radioecology – INSINUME 2019” will be held in Kuşadası, Turkey on April 23 – 26, 2019. INSINUME 2019 will be organized by the Ege University Institute of Nuclear Sciences and the Institute for Radioelements – IRE and its subsidiary IRE ELiT. The main goal of INSINUME 2019 is to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers, young talents and experts in universities, institutions, communities and agencies to exchange and share their experiences and scientific research results and ideas in fields of the radiological monitoring of the environment and new technologies in nuclear metrology.
Radioecology, Metrology, Radiation Measurements, New technologies and methodologies in radioactivity metrology Nuclear metrology in incidental/accidental conditions Radioactivity levels in environment and transfer of radionuclides Impact of radioactivity on environment and biota
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RANC 2019 — 2nd International Conference on Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry
05 May 2019 - 10 May 2019 • Budapest, Hungary
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ISRS 2019 — Biennial ISRS Symposium
26 May 2019 - 31 May 2019 • Beijing , China
The world has witnessed the rapid economic and technological growth that has taken place in China during the last 20 years, and the radiopharmaceutical sciences in China are no exception. By meeting in Beijing, we intend to enable the global radiopharmaceutical sciences community to interact in new and significant ways with China's top researchers and young investigators. The mutual benefit should be outstanding.
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Gordon Research Seminar — Nuclear Chemistry
15 Jun 2019 - 16 Jun 2019 • Colby-Sawyer College, New London, United States
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GRC Nuclear Chemistry — Gordon Research Conference on Nuclear Chemistry
16 Jun 2019 - 21 Jun 2019 • New London, NH, United States
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ENYGF19 — European Nuclear Young Generation Forum (ENYGF).
23 Jun 2019 - 27 Jun 2019 • Ghent, Belgium
The theme for ENYGF201 is "Nuclear for health - from half lives to better lives".
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TAN 19 — 6th International Conference on the Chemistry and Physics of the Transactinide Elements
25 Aug 2019 - 30 Aug 2019 • Wilhelmshaven, Germany
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ENVIRA 2019 — 5th International Conference on Environmental Radioactivity
08 Sep 2019 - 13 Sep 2019 • Prague, Czech Republic
We are pleased to invite you to attend the ENVIRA2019, the International Conference on Environmental Radioactivity organized by Nuclear Physics Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences and Czech Technical University in Prague. The conference will be held from September 8 – 13 2019. ENVIRA2019 will focus on "Variation of environmental radionuclides".
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Global/Top Fuel 2019
22 Sep 2019 - 27 Sep 2019 • Seattle, WA, United States
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10th International Symposium on Technetium and Rhenium Science and Utilization
03 Oct 2019 - 06 Oct 2019 • Moscow, Russia
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RadWorkshop 2018 — Workshop on Radioanalytical Chemistry for Nuclear Decommissioning and Waste Management
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