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Miss — Plastics Regulations 2018
11 Dec 2018 - 12 Dec 2018 • Pittsburgh, United States
Plastics Regulations 2018 provides expert analysis and guidance on a range of international legislative and regulatory issues that will impact on polymer producers, compounders, processors and end users doing business in the US and beyond. Organized by AMI, the two-day conference takes place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on December 11-12. The conference provides a rare opportunity to gain focused advice on a range of compliance issues at one event, providing a cost and time efficient way to protect and future-proof your business. Legal and regulatory experts cover new and impending regulations in areas such as food contact materials, biocides, nanomaterials, microplastics, medical devices, plastic recycling and various application specific legal requirements. They explain the real implications of forthcoming legislation in practical terms, highlighting the actions that different players in the plastics supply chain need to take to achieve compliance. Speakers also highlight areas of potential concern for the plastics industry going forward and recommended action to minimize negative impacts. Food contact legislation is another evolving subject that has significant implications for the suppliers of polymers, additives, compounds and masterbatch, as well as the producers of food packaging and food processing equipment. Legal experts review existing and planned regulations in this area and provide advice on how to meet them. Speakers also address other areas of legislation that have critical implications for the plastics industry, including the use of recycled plastics, biocides, nanomaterials and medical devices. Don’t get caught out by new legislative developments. Attend Plastics Regulations 2018 to discover the most effective ways to protect your business and ensure compliance!
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•Updates to legislation and regulations •Food contact materials (e.g. recycled materials. Potable water, etc.) •Biocides •Non-Intentionally Added Substances (NIAS) •Printing inks, coatings and adhesives for food contact packaging •Migration testing •Plastics recycling regulations •Waste directive •Marine litter / Microplastics •Nanomaterials •Medical devices •Cosmetics •Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals •RoHS •Application specific legal requirements (e.g. toys, healthcare, ELV’s, etc.) •Composites reinforced materials •Global chemical inventories and their requirements •Thermoplastic elastomers •Restrictions on plastics used in consumer applications: present and future •Flame retardancy in plastics
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EMAP — 2018 20th International Conference on Electronic Materials and Packaging
17 Dec 2018 - 20 Dec 2018 • Hong Kong, China
The purpose of the conference is to promote awareness of new advances in materials, design and simulations, fabrication, reliability, and thermal management of microsystem/MEMS packages. From the successful stories of previous EMAP conferences held in Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan, this annual event offers a great opportunity to unite people from academia, research institutions and industries to share their innovative thoughts, state-of-the-art technologies and recent developments. The program includes invited and keynote presentation from world-renowned speakers and sharing sessions.
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SPE 2019 Thermoset Topical Conference – TOPCON
19 Feb 2019 - 20 Feb 2019 • Charleston, SC, United States
Thermosets offer the unique opportunity to consolidate complex parts, reduce weight and eliminate secondary operations – while improving end use performance and cost. Because they are a cross linking material, they will not melt and they withstand extreme temperatures without warping.
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SICPA — Premier Symposium International de Chimie des Polymères & Applications
23 Feb 2019 - 25 Feb 2019 • Taghit, Wilaya de Bechar, Algeria
Cette rencontre sera l’occasion de présenter les travaux pouvant contribuer au développement des réponses aux différents besoins du secteur socio- économique relatifs aux secteurs des polymères. De larges aspects de la chimie, en relation avec le domaine des polymères et matériaux, seront débattus et présentés au cours de ce symposium. Les communications scientifiques seront présentées sous forme de conférences et de communications orales. Cet événement contribuera faire connaître les potentialités de l’université algérienne au niveau national et international.

Les thématiques proposées sont en nombre de quatre (04) peuvent éventuellement être étendues selon la demande et en consultation avec le Comité Scientifique :

(1) Polymères bio-sourcés et leurs applications ;

(2) Polymères et matériaux composites ;

(3) Polymères nanostructurés et nanotechnologies ;

(4) Ressources renouvelables et bio-polymères.

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Polymères bio-sourcés et leurs applications, Polymères et matériaux composites, Polymères nanostructurés et nanotechnologies, Ressources renouvelables et bio-polymères.
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PVC Formulation 2019
26 Feb 2019 - 27 Feb 2019 • Pittsburgh, United States
The ​2nd US edition of AMI's international PVC Formulation conference will take place on February 26-27, 2019 at the Westin Convention Center in ​Pittsburgh, PA, USA. The two-day program of technical and market presentations from expert speakers​ will cover global trends in PVC trade and technology, including the latest advances in a range of PVC additives, such as plasticizers, stabilizers, lubricants, impact modifiers, functional fillers, pigments, blowing agents and antimicrobials. In addition to the busy program of presentations, the event offers high-level networking opportunities in a focused exhibition area featuring displays from a range of suppliers.
Christa Beveridge;     Phone: [+1 610 478 0800];     Email:
PVC, Market trends, PVC industry, PVC compounding activities, pipe, profile, cable, medical, automotive, flooring, footwear, furnishings, packaging, Additives, Additive substitution, regulatory requirements, Innovations, stabilizers, plasticizers, impact modifiers, lubricants, blowing agents, pigments, functional fillers, antimicrobials, Quality control, testing, construction, packaging, healthcare, automotive, Global trends, polymer industry
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Fire Retardants in Plastics 2019
02 Apr 2019 - 03 Apr 2019 • Pittsburgh, PA, United States
Fire Retardants in Plastics is the essential meeting place for the flame retardant industry. The conference program annually covers market trends and developments, novel materials and technologies, formulations and applications. In addition to presentations, exhibition spaces allow companies to showcase their latest products, services, achievements and technologies.
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Fire Retardants, fire, retardants, fire retardants in plastics, AMI, 2019, plastics, Shannon Slaff, Pittsburgh, USA, flame retardancy, material developments, additives, reactants, processes, formulations, standards, testing, regulatory developments, Innovation in FR systems for thermoplastics, including additives, reactants, synergists, Developments in applications including: construction, transportation, electronics, and textiles, Optimizing properties of flame-retardant compounds through formulation and processing, Nano technologies, Developments in standardization, testing, certification, Smoke suppression technology, Regulatory shifts affecting the use of FR, Market trends
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CTSE-S 2019 — 2019 Spring International Conference on Textile Science and Engineering
22 Apr 2019 - 24 Apr 2019 • Xiamen, China
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Adhesions 2019 — 14th International Triennial Conference on the Science and Technology of Adhesion and Adhesives
03 Sep 2019 - 05 Sep 2019 • Bristol, United Kingdom
International Symposium on Dyes & Pigments
08 Sep 2019 - 11 Sep 2019 • Seville, Spain
The aim of this inaugural ISDP is to provide a single focus to bring together researchers from across the scientific disciplines which create and utilise chromophores and fluorophores, to promote communication across these different disciplines and to provide a platform for the presentation of cutting edge work.
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IRC 2019 — International Rubber Conference 2019
10 Sep 2019 - 12 Sep 2019 • London, United Kingdom
The International Rubber Conference Organisation and the Institute of Materials Minerals and Mining are honoured to invite delegates to London, UK, for the International Rubber Conference (IRC 2019). This three-day conference will be a must attend event to learn about technical advances in the global rubber market.
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Car Body Painting 2019 — 36th Workshop
04 Nov 2019 - 05 Nov 2019 • Bad Nauheim, Germany
The Car Body Painting conference, held annually by the Automotive Circle, provides in-depth insights into the latest technical developments along the entire body painting process chain.
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