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HB2018 — 61st ICFA Advanced Beam Dynamics Workshop on High-Intensity and High-Brightness Hadron Beams
18 Jun 2018 - 22 Jun 2018 • Daejeon, South Korea
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NDM 2018 — 6th Symposium on Neutrinos and Dark Matter in Nuclear Physics 2018
28 Jun 2018 - 03 Jul 2018 • Daejeon, South Korea
Phone: [+82-53-740-0412];     Email:
Subjects • Neutrino-nucleus coherent scattering • Solar and supernova neutrinos : models and detection • Double beta decays, experiments and nuclear matrix elements • Beta decay for neutrino mass measurements • Cosmological neutrinos and detection feasibility • Neutrino-nuclear responses in astrophysics, nucleosynthesis • Neutrino oscillations and matter effects • Direct dark-matter searches using atomic and nuclear targets • Indirect dark-matter searches, neutrino astronomy • Related fields.
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ICHEP2018 — 39th International Conference on High Energy Physics
04 Jul 2018 - 11 Jul 2018 • Seoul, South Korea
ICHEP is a series of international conferences organized by the C11 commission of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP). It is held every second year since more than 50 years and is the reference conference of particle physics where most relevant results are presented. During 39th International Conference on High Energy Physics (ICHEP2018), many important results are expected to come from the LHC Run II experiments, neutrino physics, dark matter, gravitational wave, and cosmology. The Korean Physics Community is very proud to host this prestigious conference in Seoul, the capital city of Korea of more than five hundreds of years.
Phone: [+82-2-3452-7245];     Email:
High Energy Physics, Particle Physics, Neutrino Physics, Gravitational wave, astrophysics, cosmology, CERN, DESY, ALICE, LHCb, KEK, SLAC
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HEP18 — XXXIX International Conference on High Energy Physics
04 Jul 2018 - 11 Jul 2018 • COEX, Seoul, South Korea
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COSMO-18 — 22nd International Conference on Particle Physics and Cosmology
27 Aug 2018 - 31 Aug 2018 • Daejeon, South Korea
The 22nd annual International Conference on Particle Physics and Cosmology (COSMO-18) will be held at the IBS Science and Culture Center in Daejeon. The meeting is hosted by the Center for Theoretical Physics of the Universe(CTPU) in Institute of Basic Science(IBS). The COSMO series is one of the major venues of interaction between cosmologists and particle physicists.
cosmology, early universe, dark matter, dark energy, inflation, large-scale structure, gravitational wave, particle physics, particle astrophysics, cosmological microwave background
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