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IIT — 2018 22nd International Conference on Ion Implantation Technology
16 sep 2018 - 21 sep 2018 • Würzburg, Allemagne
The conference is an open forum for discussion of major challenges in current and emerging technologies related to the tools and processes for ion implantation, annealing of semiconductors and non-semiconductors, implanted devices, metrology of implanted layers and devices, as well as methods related to ion implantation. The conference offers an excellent opportunity for engineers and researchers in industry, research institutes, and universities to present new results and to discuss ideas of new applications of ion implantation. The conference comprises a wide range of topics, from fundamental research to industrial applications and equipment.
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Autumn School on Correlated Electrons: DMFT -- From Infinite Dimensions to Real Materials
17 sep 2018 - 21 sep 2018 • Jülich, Allemagne
Since the beginning of quantum mechanics, emergent many-body phenomena represent the grand-challenge in theoretical condensed-matter physics. Indeed, static mean-field approaches fail to capture even the simplest many-body effects, while diagrammatic techniques generally fail in the regime characteristic of strong correlations. The introduction of dynamical mean-field theory (DMFT) has revolutionized this field. Two insights paved the way to this paradigm shift. The first is that in the limit of infinite dimensions all contributions to the self-energy become local. The second is that the locality of the self-energy makes it possible to build a new type of mean-field theory, dynamical in nature, by mapping a correlated lattice problem onto a self-consistent quantum-impurity model. In the last decades, thanks to advances in model building combined with the development of flexible and numerically exact quantum-impurity solvers, DMFT was successfully linked with ab-initio density-functional techniques, making it the method of choice for the investigation of correlated electron materials.
strongly-correlated materials; dynamical mean-field theory; model building; quantum-impurity solvers; non-local extensions.
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Faraday Discussion — New Memory Paradigms: Memristive Phenomena and Neuromorphic Applications
15 oct 2018 - 17 oct 2018 • Aix-la-Chapelle, Allemagne
The Faraday Discussion will bring together experts in a field of research which represents one of the hottest multidisciplinary topics, including major players from the computer and nanoelectronics industry, leading academic research groups in physics, chemistry, materials science, thin film technology, device engineering, computer science, neurology and brain-research and logic, and neuromorphic circuit engineering.
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MCIC 2018 — 2nd Materials Chain International Conference
12 nov 2018 - 14 nov 2018 • Bochum, Allemagne
The second Materials Chain International Conference, MCIC 2018, will take place from November 12 to November 14 2018 in Bochum, Germany. MCIC 2018 will highlight recent trends in materials science and production technology by giving insight into current top-class research and future prospects in this area. It figures as a platform for connecting materials research across borders and boundaries – covering the complete materials chain from basic research on materials to applied technologies and from the fundamental description of materials on the atomic scale to the properties of technical components and their manufacturing. 12 leading international guest speakers will present their current research in materials science and technology at MCIC 2018.
Adaptive and Smart Materials, Energy Conversion and Storage, Interface-dominated Materials, Materials for Communication Technologies and IT, Quantum Computing, High-performance Materials for Harsh Environments, Functional and Structural Characterization, Modelling and Simulation, Processing and Synthesis, Production Engineering.
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Diffusion Fundamentals 8
01 sep 2019 - 05 sep 2019 • Erlangen, Allemagne
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