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YAGN19 - Young Astronomers on Galactic Nuclei
23 sep 2019 • Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias, Tenerife, Espagne
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AstroRob 2019 — 6th Workshop on Robotic Autonomous Observatories
30 sep 2019 - 04 oct 2019 • Malaga, Espagne
Ten years after the celebration of the First Workshop on robotic autonomous observatories in Málaga, the number of automatic astronomical facilities worldwide has significantly grown, as well as the level of robotisation, autonomy, and networking, with many recent developments motivated by the search of new electromagnetic counterparts to gravitational waves in the next months. This has a strong impact in many other astrophysical fields, like fireballs detection, minor planet studies, the search for extra-solar planets, the monitoring of variable stars in our Galaxy, the study of active galactic nuclei, the detection and monitoring of supernovae, and the immediate follow-up of high-energy transients such as cosmic gamma-ray bursts, besides the search of neutrino and gravitational waves electromagnetic counterparts. Last, but not least, space debris surveillance and tracking is another field of increasing interest. Educational aspects will be also covered.

Thus, the main focus of the workshop will be on the new and existing astronomical facilities whose goal is to observe a wide variety of astrophysical targets with no (or very little) human interaction. As in the past 10 years, we expect the workshop will continue as an international forum for researchers to summarize the most recent developments and ideas in the field, with a special emphasis given to the Technical and Scientific results obtained within the last two years and future developments, with specific sessions on Educational Activities and Space Surveillance and Tracking.

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Voyage 2050 workshop - Shaping the European Space Agency's space science plan for 2035-2050
29 oct 2019 • Madrid, Espagne
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1st IAA-CSIC Severo Ochoa School on Statistics, Data Mining and Machine Learning
04 nov 2019 - 07 nov 2019 • IAA-CSIC, Granada, Spain, Espagne
The 1st IAA-CSIC Severo Ochoa School on Statistics, Data Mining and Machine Learning will be held at the Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía (CSIC), Granada, from Monday 4th to Thursday 7th of November. It is an introductory school oriented at students and researchers of all levels. It is the first of its kind and will be followed by a School on Advanced Data Mining, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Fall 2020.
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First Spanish Meeting on Galaxy Clusters
07 nov 2019 • Madrid, Espagne
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XXXI Canary Islands Winter School of Astrophysics: Computational Fluid Dynamics in Astrophysics
19 nov 2019 • La Laguna, Tenerife, Espagne
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ESAC Data Analysis and Statistics (EDAS) workshop 2019
02 dec 2019 • Madrid, Espagne
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THESEUS CONFERENCE 2020 — The Transient High-Energy Sky and Early Universe Surveyor
12 mai 2020 - 15 mai 2020 • Malaga, Espagne
The Transient High-Energy Sky and Early Universe Surveyor (THESEUS) is a space mission concept currently under Phase A study by the European Space Agency (ESA) as candidate M5 mission, in view of a launch opportunity in 2032.
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