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3rd Advanced School on Exoplanetary Science: "Demographics of Exoplanetary Systems"
27 mai 2019 • Vietri sul Mare, Italie
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ASES3 — 3rd Advanced School on Exoplanetary Science: "Demographics of Exoplanetary Systems"
27 mai 2019 - 31 mai 2019 • Vietri sul mare, Italie
The Advanced School on Exoplanetary Science - taking place close to the enchanting Amalfi Coast - is aimed at providing a comprehensive, state-of-the-art picture of the rich variety of relevant aspects of the fast-developing, highly interdisciplinary field of exoplanet research (both from an observational and theoretical viewpoint). The School is addressed to graduate students and young post-doctoral researchers, and offers the fascinating possibility to interact with world-class experts engaged in different areas of the astrophysics of planetary systems. The 3rd edition of the School will be focused on the Demographics of Exoplanetary Systems, covering both the theoretical and observational perspectives.
Tél.: [+390672594566];     Email.:
Planet formation, Dynamical evolution, Wide-separation Exoplanets, Close-in Exoplanets, Star-Planet interactions
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03 jui 2019 • L'AQUILA, Italie
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What matter(s) between galaxies: unraveling the knots in the Cosmic Web
03 jui 2019 • Abbazia di Spineto, Italie
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03 jui 2019 - 07 jui 2019 • L'AQUILA, Italie
The offered course is designed for PhD students, post-doctoral fellows and young researchers interested in understanding the scientific construction of the Gaia catalogue and its current and future scientific potential, in synergy with the large spectro-photometric surveys. With ESA’s Gaia mission the framework of relativistic astrometry is required to translate photons to astrometric quantities, thus the fields of “Fundamental Astronomy” and “Fundamental Physics” are unified under the perspective of a consistent use of the theory of General Relativity. General topics include fundamental astronomy and stellar surveys, global and differential relativistic astrometry, chemo-kinematics of the Milky Way and Galactic Archeology, and Galactic dynamics. Some specific topics include, stellar streams in the halo, stellar clusters, non-equilibrium dynamics in the disk of the Milky Way, inference of physical parameters and, one century after the famous experiment on the light deflection by the Sun in 1919, astrometric lensing.
Secretariat;     Email.:
Space Astrometry, Fundamental astronomy, Stellar surveys, Relativistic astrometry, Galactic chemo-kinematics and dynamics, Galactic Archeology
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WIN2019 — The 27th edition of the International Workshop on Weak interactions and Neutrinos
03 jui 2019 - 08 jui 2019 • Bari, Italie
The 27th edition of the International Workshop on Weak interactions and Neutrinos (WIN2019) will be held in Bari, from June 3-8, 2019. The purpose of the Workshop is to offer to the community a significant opportunity to assess the status of the field and to initiate collaborative efforts to address current physics questions.
Electro-Weak Symmetry Breaking and Higgs Neutrinos Astroparticle Physics Flavour Physics
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Sujets apparentés:
Light in the suburbs: structure and chemo-dynamics of galaxy halos
09 jui 2019 • Sexten Center for Astrophysics, Bad Moos, Italie
Santa Tecla School — 10th European Summer School on Experimental Nuclear Astrophysics
16 jui 2019 - 23 jui 2019 • Catania, Italie
The school belongs to the European Network of Nuclear Astrophysics Schools (ENNAS), a network made by the European schools on nuclear astrophysics and related areas (the Santa Tecla, the Sinaia, the Russbach school), having the common effort of preparing and educating young physicists in nuclear physics, astrophysics and their mutual relationship in the nuclear astrophysics field. For such a reason, the school will deal with both various astrophysical issues, ranging from primordial nucleosynthesis to stellar evolution, and nuclear topics, including novel experimental approaches, radioactive ion beams, and indirect methods.
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5th workshop of SCAR AAA, Astronomy and Astrophysics from Antarctica: 17-19 June 2019 @ Skyway Mont Blanc
17 jui 2019 • Courmayeur, Italie
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5th workshop of SCAR AAA, Astronomy and Astrophysics from Antarctica
17 jui 2019 - 19 jui 2019 • Courmayeur, Italie
Astronomy & Astrophysics from Antarctica (AAA) is a Scientific Research Program of SCAR, the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research. This fifth meeting in the series aims to bring together all the key players in Antarctic astronomy to conclude the 2015 – 2018 implementation Plan and to coordinate future strategies and collaborations. In addition to Antarctic research, projects related to Arctic astronomy are also invited to AAA2019. This edition of SCAR AAA will be held on 17-19 June 2019 at the Skyway Mont Blanc in Courmayeur, Italy, between the eternal ice of Mont Blanc. It is being jointly organized by AAA and OAVdA, the Astronomical Observatory of the Autonomous Region of Aosta Valley. The language of the Workshop will be English.
astronomy, astrophysics, antartica, scar, polar astronomy, workshop
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Supermassive Black Holes: environment and evolution
19 jui 2019 • Corfu Town, Italie
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ECT* workshop — Nuclear and astrophysics aspects for the rapid neutron capture process in the era of multimessenger observations
01 jul 2019 - 05 jul 2019 • ECT* Trento, Italie
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Sujets apparentés:
Tracing Cosmic Evolution with Clusters of Galaxies IV
08 jul 2019 • Sexten, BZ, Italie
High Spatial Resolution Spectroscopy in the era of ALMA, JWST and ELT
22 jul 2019 • Sexten Center for Astrophysics, Sexten, Italy, Italie
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CosmoCruise2019: From the Early to the Late Universe
18 aou 2019 • Venise, Italie
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CosmoCruise — CosmoCruise2019: From the Early to the LAte Universe
18 aou 2019 - 25 aou 2019 • Venise, Italie
The program will include the following topics: Inflation, Theory, Primordial Black Holes, CMB, Reionization, Large Scale Structure (Surveys, SN, Ly-alpha,...), N-body simulations, Gravitational Waves, Gravitational Lensing, Galaxy Clusters, Galaxy Formation, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Particle Astrophysics. Alternative Models to LCDM, ...
Tél.: [942201452];     Email.:
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Views on the Interstellar Medium in galaxies in the ALMA era
02 sep 2019 • Bologna, Italie
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Matera Oscura / Dark Matera - cosmology and dark matter with galaxies and clusters
02 sep 2019 • Matera, Italie
Matera Oscura / Dark Matera - cosmology and dark matter with galaxies and clusters
02 sep 2019 - 06 sep 2019 • Matera, Italie
One of the most important and long-lasting challenges of modern astrophysics is understanding and unveiling the nature of dark matter. Despite the many uncertainties on its composition, dark matter is considered the main driver of large-scale structure formation in the Universe and, together with dark energy, accounts for 95 per cent of the total energy budget of the universe. The nature of dark matter and the standard LCDM models can be tested on many scales, from the shape of the cosmic web to the properties of galaxies and galaxy clusters, down to particle physics experiments aiming at detecting the dark matter particles. This conference aims at bringing together experts on galaxies, galaxy clusters, numerical simulations and observations, as well as dark matter detectors and alternative cosmological models. In this way, we hope to encourage stimulating and comprehensive discussions on the state of the art of dark matter models and boost research collaboration between different sides.
cosmology, dark matter, galaxies, galaxy clusters, lensing, dark matter detection, alternative cosmologies
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Extremely big eyes on the early universe
09 sep 2019 • Rome, Italy, Italie
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ERICE 2019 - INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF NUCLEAR PHYSICS — 41st Course: Star Mergers, Gravitational Waves, Dark Matter and Neutrinos in Nuclear, Particle and Astro-Physics, and in Cosmology
16 sep 2019 - 24 sep 2019 • Erice, Trapani, Sicily, Italie
The purpose of the meeting is to bring together experts and young researchers in the areas of nuclear, particle and astro-physics as well as cosmology and the pertinent interrelations among these fields. The aim is to discuss the current status of the field and to explore future directions, both in experiment and theory. With the recent observation of gravitational-wave signals of black-hole and neutron-star mergers - for the latter in coincidence with electromagnetic signals -, the meeting is particularly timely. The aim is to cover a broad range of topics to elucidate synergies and identify areas of future progress. This should be especially beneficial to the younger participants of the meeting.
Binary Star Mergers - the observations of gravitational waves, Binary Star Mergers – simulations, Binary Star Mergers – nucleosynthesis, Direct and indirect Dark Matter Searches, Axions - Dark Matter?, Dark Matter Searches at the LHC, Neutrino Mass from Tritium Decay, Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay (Majorana versus Dirac Neutrino), Neutrino Mass from electron Capture, Elastic Neutrino scattering – COHERENT, The Reactor Neutrino Spectrum Anomaly, Search for the Cosmic Neutrino Background, Neutrinos and Cosmology
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The Time Machine Factory [unspeakable, speakable] on Time Travel 2019
23 sep 2019 • Turin, Italie
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GES2019. The Legacy of the Gaia-ESO Survey
24 sep 2019 • Florence, Italie
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Cosmic Ray Anisotropy Workshop (CRA2019)
07 oct 2019 • L'Aquila, Italie
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The Art of Measuring Galaxy Physical Properties
18 nov 2019 • Milan, Italie
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European Conference on Laboratory Astrophysics ECLA 2020: Linking dust, ice and gas in space
19 avr 2020 • Anacapri, Capri Islands, Italie
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ECLA2020 — European Conference on Laboratory Astrophysics ECLA 2020: Linking dust, ice and gas in space
19 avr 2020 - 24 avr 2020 • Anacapri, Capri Island, Italie
The interplay between ubiquitous dust, ice and gas in space knits an interesting tale from collapsing interstellar clouds to the formation of new stars, planets, moons and comets. Along this path the formation of complex organic molecules necessary to construct the building blocks of life brings us a step closer to the understanding of the evolution of life. The advancement in the understanding of these vast intricacies of space lies in the development of varied laboratory techniques together with astronomical observations and astrophysical modeling. The conference allows us an opportunity to ensure collaborations between scientists active in different research fields, which range from astronomy to geology and from chemistry to instrumentation. Further, new results will be discussed and ideas will be exchanged from interdisciplinary perspectives to address questions that will guide observations with the upcoming astronomical large-scale facilities, such as the James Webb Space Telescope.
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PUMA2020 — Probing the universe with multi-messanger astronomy
28 sep 2020 - 02 oct 2020 • Sestri Levante, Italie
A conference to gather an overview of the status and future prospects of astrophysics and cosmology with a multimessanger approach. The conference will feature only plenary sessions on the following topics: astrophysics with electromagnetic waves, astrophysics with gravitational waves, astroparticle physics and neutrino astrophysics, nuclear astrophysics, cosmology.
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