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Holographic QCD
22 jul 2019 - 26 jul 2019 • Stockholm, Suède
In the last few years there has been renewed interest in QCD and hadronic dynamics using holographic gauge/gravity duality, resurge of the large N methods, progress in string models, integrability, unitarity and bootstrap and more. Also, many new experimental results were reported by ALICE at LHC regarding collectivization in pp and pA collisions, by LHCb at CERN and the B- and C-factories regarding the existence of exotics and the spectroscopy of heavy-light systems, and more recently the reporting of 2 neutron star mergers by the LIGO collaboration and its constraint on the nuclear dense equation of state. The conference will bring together practitioners of these interdisciplinary fields to discuss these exciting new developments, and explore the relevance of the holographic framework for addressing these observations.
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Gravitational Waves from the Early Universe
20 sep 2019 • Stockholm, Suède
Gravitational waves promise a new window into the highest-energy events in the evolution of the universe. The recent LIGO/Virgo detections of gravitational waves from the mergers of binary black holes and binary neutron stars and have ignited interest in the future direction of gravitational wave astronomy. A space-based laser interferometer, pioneered by NASA's LISA concept and the European Space Agency's eLISA program and ESA's recent spectacularly successful LISA Pathfinder mission, would enable direct detection of gravitational waves in the milliHertz range. A lower frequency range would allow detection of supermassive black hole mergers, tracing the galaxy merger history and serving as cosmic sirens to probe the universe's expansion history, as well as precursors for the LIGO sources. A space-based detector would also be sensitive to stochastic gravitational wave backgrounds produced by unknown physics operating in the very early universe, including an electroweak phase transition. This Nordita program will bring scientists together to engage in an effort to characterize and detect sources contributing to the gravitational wave background from the early universe, and the implications for new physics at the TeV scale and beyond.
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