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COMS documentation

This documentation intends to help administrators configure and manage a COMS site. Administrator privileges are required in order to access all the relevant functions.

The documentation is divided into two main sections corresponding to these two types of tasks: the setup of the site and its management.

Since the tasks involved cannot always be unambiguously classified in these two categories, a search function is available to help locate them.


  • This refers mostly to the preparations performed before going live.
  • Various aspects of the setup are described: activating modules, configuring forms, preparing emails, controlling access to various functions, and more.

Common tasks

  • This refers to the management of the data collected on the site: selecting, viewing, editing and exporting data; sending emails; building the agenda and book of abstracts etc.
  • Common tasks are also described (examples: how to set up a survey; how to upload users to the site; how to export subsets of the data).


  • The documentation can be viewed in one single file, suitable for printing at View All: [HTML] [PDF].
  • Individual pages can also be printed through the browser print function at: File / Print....